Berber Rug Collection

Berber rugs are a style of rug created by the Berber tribes located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These rugs have been created through ages of weaving techniques being handed down from generation to generation dating back as far as the Paleolithic era.

Each rug offers a unique theme as they have mainly been created by the women of the tribes, therefore each rug has a story and symbolize the life of the weaver.

These rugs were originally created to be used as carpets, blankets, cloaks and were even used as mattresses for sleeping. The authentic vintage Moroccan rugs can be found but are however limited to a certain size as they were originally created to fit in the tribal homes which had limited floor space.

There are also copies of these rugs made in India that are therefore a more affordable option to the authentic Moroccan Berber. This is due to the increasing popularity of these rugs in modern design and the ever limited availability of the Authentic Vintage Morrocan Berber.

Both Indian & Morrocan Berber Rugs are created using natural wool and are both Hand-Knotted.

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Authentic Morrocan Berber Rugs

Contemporary Berber Rugs


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